• Five Small Parts You Should Only Buy From A Salvage Yard

    When people think about getting the parts they need to repair their car at a salvage yard, they often only think about large parts. There are often many great smaller parts that can be found at a salvage yard for very inexpensive prices as well. The following guide will help you remember a few small parts you can also get from a salvage yard. Mirrors Both side and rear-view mirrors can be found at a salvage yard.
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  • The Game Of Blame | Car Component Suspects Typically Blamed When The Transmission Is Guilty

    The last thing any car owner wants to hear from the mechanic is that there is a possibility their transmission has seen better days. This is because transmission demise can rank right up there with an engine failure when it comes to the complexity of the repair, and the price is also sometimes hard to swallow. Because car owners rarely want to hear of such a problem, they will often wrongly accuse other vehicle components entirely.
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