Three Unique Sources For Used Car Parts And Original Car Restorations

Posted on: 30 November 2015


If you want to restore a car, you may be considering custom improvements. There are also restorations that use all original parts, which can sometimes be difficult to find. You may have to rebuild parts for your restoration, as well as find parts from other sources for your repairs. Here are some tips to help you find all the parts you need for your classic car restoration:

1. Rebuilding Parts For Your Car That Cannot Be Replaced

When you get started restoring your car, you will want to take it apart piece-by-piece and evaluate the parts you have and those you need. There are many components that you may be able to rebuild, rather than replace them. This is something that you may want to consider doing for things like carburetors, water pumps and other parts that may be difficult to find. This will give you parts that are completely original and like new. Some of these parts even have rebuild kits that you can use to put them back together just like new.

2. Finding Parts From The Same Model Cars For Restorations

There are also parts that you can get from the same model cars. Look for these parts cars in salvage yards to get the parts you need off them. You may even be able to buy a parts car that you can use for your project if you have space to store it. If you just want the parts, usually salvage services will sell you the used car parts at discount prices. The good news is that sometimes these parts come from cars that are in almost new condition and are salvaged due to being totaled in accidents.

3. Using Parts From Different Model Cars With The Same Manufacturers

In addition to looking for cars of the same model, you may want to look at vehicles from the same automakers. Sometimes you can find parts that will work on your car, on a completely different vehicle. For example, if you are building a muscle car, you may want to look at old trucks and larger vehicles for V8 engines and other parts for the make of car you are restoring. Sometimes, this may require some modifications but it can be a good source to find the used car parts for your project.

These are some tips to help you find all the parts you need for an all original car restoration. If you need parts to complete your restoration project, contact a used car parts service (such as Hardys Auto Parts LLC) to get what you need for your car.