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Getting Cold Hard Cash For Your Non-Running Clunker

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If you have a junked vehicle on your property that you no longer want to keep, you will most likely want to find a way to get rid of it without having to pay to do so. There are actually a few ways you can make money from a non-working vehicle instead of having to reach in your wallet to have it towed away. Here are some ideas you can use when you feel you want to have a vehicle taken away while making some money as a result. Call a Local Salvage Yard One of the best ways to get rid of a junked vehicle is by calling a salvage yard to come to your property to take it off your hands. They will send a tow truck to pick up the vehicle and will most likely give you compensation on the spot. The salvage yard will use the vehicle for its metal. It is important to inquire whether a valid title will be needed before the vehicle is picked up so you can make alternate plans if you do not have it readily available.  Consider Donating The Vehicle Vehicle donations are accepted by several non-profit organizations. If you have a charity in mind, call their main headquarters to see if they participate in a vehicle donation program. They may be able to point you in the right direction to a similar charity that provides this service if they do not do so themselves. The charity will send a flatbed tow truck to your home to haul away your vehicle. In exchange for your contribution, the charity will provide you with filled out tax forms indicating the estimated amount of value of your vehicle. This can be mailed with your federal tax return in exchange for a deduction on your taxes. Sell Your Vehicle For Parts You always have the option of selling your vehicle on your own. Many look for similar vehicles to their own to use as a backup source for parts should something break in their own vehicle. This is especially true with older vehicles that do not have parts that can be easily obtained through dealers or online. Selling your vehicle can be done via social media or word of mouth. Indicate on any advertising method you use that the buyer will be responsible for the towing of the vehicle so you don’t need to worry about this hassle. For more information, contact local professionals like U Pull &...

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Move Over Mechanics: Interior Decorators Are Grabbing Up Salvage Yard Car Parts

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Vintage, rustic and industrial-looking auto parts are being scooped up by home designers and creative DIYers who are turning every auto part imaginable into works of art, furniture and other useful and decorative items. You might wonder how artists and tinkerers think up all of their amazing auto-parts ideas, but you can do the same thing with some insight and imagination — and a trip to your local auto parts salvage yard. Things you’ll need at the yard Bring along a mechanical friend with tools when you go check out the gearhead-worthy decor possibilities in the vehicle scrap lot. Nothing is more heartbreaking than finding the perfect fat chrome bumper and having no socket wrenches or screwdrivers to remove it from the car. A friend who has even a basic knowledge of cars and a tool set will be invaluable in helping you dismantle and bring home your treasures. Collect car parts in a vehicle you don’t mind getting dirty, or protect your vehicle if you do mind a mess. Car parts are greasy and grimy and will leave awful marks on carpet and upholstery before they are cleaned up for use as decor. Place heavy plastic sheeting or tarps in your trunk before setting any car parts inside. Borrow a friend’s pickup truck if possible. Wear a set of thick work gloves in the scrap yard to protect your hands when examining and carrying sharp metal parts. Also bring baby wipes or some other method of cleaning your hands after sorting through the vehicle-parts offerings. This will keep grease from staining your clothes, steering wheel and vehicle interior. Start with the simple things If you want to add some garage decor to your home, start with simple projects. Used tires and tire rims are easy to source and to work with, because they’re not too heavy or large for most people to handle. Remember the suppleness and strength of the materials in the tires and tire rims as you imagine ways to use them around your home. The soft, flexible tires make great planters, seats and sink enclosures. They can be painted in any color to match house trim or to stand out more boldly. Think of areas in your garden where you need borders or soft rubber cushioning and make up your own solutions with tires. Sturdy, heavy-duty tire rims can also be used for a variety of furnishings including as table or seating bases. A wheel rim is often made of steel and can be modified to be used as a fire pit, stacked and welded with other rims to create a pot-bellied stove, or painted and hung up to use as a hose reel. Salvage a dream car with a project If you’ve always wanted a certain vehicle, find one in a salvage yard that’s half gone due to a wreck or storm damage. You only need the front end of a car to make an awesome desk. The front ends of trains, buses and trams also make great fireplaces, while gutted muscle car front ends are being converted into retro BBQ grills. A wrecked dream car with a decent rear end can become a loveseat or a backyard swing. Pull out leather or vinyl seats to make a breakfast booth or man-cave lounger. Car hoods...

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Tips For What To Do When Your Car’s Transmission Needs To Be Replaced

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When your car’s transmission is no longer functioning, you may be frantic about what to do about it. Replacing a transmission is a major undertaking and it can be expensive as well. Check out these tips for what you can do about your car and its malfunctioning, broken transmission. Consider The Value Of Your Vehicle If your car is older, the cost of having a new or used transmission put in it could be wasteful. For example, if your car is over twenty years old, the cost of transmission replacement could be more than what your car is worth. In this case, buying another vehicle may be the more affordable option. If your car is older and needs a new transmission, you might consider having it junked and taking the money you get for it at the junkyard to use as a down payment on another car. If you wonder about just trading in your car, you can do so at some car lots that also have repair shops on-site. Many dealers will buy cars with major repair needs, fix them cheaply and resell them for making a profit. If you are considering just trading in your vehicle, be sure to locate dealers that are equipped to make transmission repairs. Taking the time to call around first is important to save time and money out driving around and looking for the dealer best for your needs. When Your Vehicle Is Worth Repairing When you have a transmission issue in a car that is not tool old and is worth fixing, you may wonder where the best place to get one would be. Many drivers opt to buy a used transmission, but wonder about things like warranties. On some used, refurbished transmissions, the seller offers up to a ninety day warranty. You can get a used transmission for $800 to $1500 while one that is refurbished could cost you up to $2500. Bear in mind that the labor costs for putting in your car’s transmission can be up to around $850. you can find a used transmission at junkyards, but you may have to pay a fee for having it removed out of an old car. The benefit of choosing a refurbished transmission is it is out of a vehicle and ready to be put in.    Making the right choices about your car and its needs for transmission repair can be frustrating when you are unsure what steps to take first. Learning more about your options for transmission repair (from professionals such as AAA Engines and Transmissions) can be the easiest way to get back on the road fast....

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Exposing Myths About Getting Parts From Auto Salvage Yards

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Procuring the parts needed to repair your car can be something of a difficult task for car owners that lack experience working on their vehicles. As a result of this lack of experience and confidence, many people may overlook the advantages of opting for used car parts when repairing their vehicles. This can be easy to do if you make the mistake of believing the following couple of myths about using these parts in your car. Dispelling the following ideas will give you more of the knowledge needed to effectively oversee these repairs for your car.   Myth: You Must Know A Lot About Cars To Get Parts From A Salvage Yard Many people can be easily intimidated by the prospect of going to a salvage yard and picking out the part that they need from another car. While this task does require a person to have a reasonable understanding about auto repair, it is possible to have a professional from the salvage yard gather the part for you. There will usually be an additional fee for this type of service, but it can allow you to enjoy the benefits of used auto parts without having to take the risk of attempting to pick out your own part. Myth: Used Car Parts Are Risky To Use In Your Vehicles Some car owners may be hesitant about using anything other than new parts in their cars. This can be an easy concern to understand because many people might assume that a used car part will be far less reliable than a new one. However, this does not have to be the case because it is possible to buy these parts from a salvage yard that offers warranty protection on the items they sell. The exact protections offered under these warranties can vary from one salvage yard to another, and you will need to carefully review the warranty to ensure that you are choosing a supplier that offers you the most protection possible for these parts. When your car is unfortunate enough to encounter serious mechanical problems, you may need to buy replacement parts for it. While these parts can be extremely expensive, many people overlook the advantages that can come from buying used car parts because of commonly believed misinformation. Making sure that you understand that many salvage yards will find the part you need for an additional fee and that these providers often offer extensive warranties will help you to be better prepared to make an informed decision for your auto repair needs....

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Three Unique Sources For Used Car Parts And Original Car Restorations

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If you want to restore a car, you may be considering custom improvements. There are also restorations that use all original parts, which can sometimes be difficult to find. You may have to rebuild parts for your restoration, as well as find parts from other sources for your repairs. Here are some tips to help you find all the parts you need for your classic car restoration: 1. Rebuilding Parts For Your Car That Cannot Be Replaced When you get started restoring your car, you will want to take it apart piece-by-piece and evaluate the parts you have and those you need. There are many components that you may be able to rebuild, rather than replace them. This is something that you may want to consider doing for things like carburetors, water pumps and other parts that may be difficult to find. This will give you parts that are completely original and like new. Some of these parts even have rebuild kits that you can use to put them back together just like new. 2. Finding Parts From The Same Model Cars For Restorations There are also parts that you can get from the same model cars. Look for these parts cars in salvage yards to get the parts you need off them. You may even be able to buy a parts car that you can use for your project if you have space to store it. If you just want the parts, usually salvage services will sell you the used car parts at discount prices. The good news is that sometimes these parts come from cars that are in almost new condition and are salvaged due to being totaled in accidents. 3. Using Parts From Different Model Cars With The Same Manufacturers In addition to looking for cars of the same model, you may want to look at vehicles from the same automakers. Sometimes you can find parts that will work on your car, on a completely different vehicle. For example, if you are building a muscle car, you may want to look at old trucks and larger vehicles for V8 engines and other parts for the make of car you are restoring. Sometimes, this may require some modifications but it can be a good source to find the used car parts for your project. These are some tips to help you find all the parts you need for an all original car restoration. If you need parts to complete your restoration project, contact a used car parts service (such as Hardys Auto Parts LLC) to get what you need for your...

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How Do You Troubleshoot Your Radiator?

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Your vehicle’s radiator is a very important part of the overall cooling system. When there is a problem with the radiator, your car could overheat and cause even more problems. It is important that you look at different causes for a radiator to malfunction and get repairs done before the issue worsens. Here are some things to check if you are having trouble with the radiator. Check the Thermostat One of the more common problems with a radiator actually has to do with the thermostat. Both of these elements are part of the vehicle’s cooling system, so issues with the radiator are often connected to the thermostat. If the thermostat is not working properly, it is not identifying the correct temperature in the vehicle, which keeps the radiator from having the right amount of coolant flowing in and out of it to cool down your car. This is why you should check the thermostat first and determine if this is the problem. Look for a Radiator Hose Leak If the thermostat seems to be working, check the radiator hose next. There could be wear and tear or a crack in the hose, which is causing a leak of coolant fluid. The radiator hose connects the radiator to the engine, which is how coolant passes to and from the radiator. If there is a leak, the coolant is escaping the hose and leaking out of the vehicle, which doesn’t allow the radiator to cool down efficiently. If you notice excess coolant underneath your vehicle around the time it is overheating, this is likely the problem. You should also look at the hoses directly to see if you notice cracks, holes, or general wear. Check the System for Trapped Air Another thing to check if you are having trouble with your radiator is the air flow. If air is getting trapped in the cooling system, it will cause the coolant to stop flowing through the hoses between the radiator and engine. This can eventually lead to overheating of your vehicle, or at least to it getting hot from the air being trapped. Make sure air is flowing properly through the cooling system, or ask a repair shop to check this for you. Inspect the Radiator Fan The radiator fan might also be the problem. One good way to determine if it is a problem with the radiator fan is if your car’s temperature is normal when you are going at a moderate speed, but overheats when you idle or start to slow down. This is because the fan is no longer working when you step on the brake, but the fan speeds up as your car speeds up. You need to have the fan repaired or replaced if this is the case. If you need to replace any parts of your car while troubleshooting your radiator, talk to a local mechanic to get help with finding cheap car...

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How To Fix Garage Door Extension Springs

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If you’re having trouble opening your garage door, it could be the extension springs. Extension springs resemble the coils in a box springs mattress and they are commonly mounted on the overhead tracks on each side of the door. The springs are held in place by safety cables to keep them from breaking off and damaging a vehicle or injuring a driver. Here are some tips to replace a broken garage door extension springs. Brace the Door Unplug the cord to the garage door opener. On old garage door openers, you may need to remove a fuse or turn it off from the breaker. Newer openers have a neutral mode to disengage the trolley. On older models, you will have to disconnect the L-bar to disengage the trolley. Fully open the garage door and brace it with C-clamps, locking pliers, or lumber cut to fit. Insert the clamps or pliers below the last roller of the lower door. Place lumber against the track of each side of the door to hold it open. Tug on the door to make certain it is secure. Detach the Broken Spring Wearing gloves and eye protection, climb the ladder and disconnect the spring from its mounting points. Loosen the cable from the wall and hold it securely so the spring won’t fall and damage objects. Remove the spring from the cable. Examine the tracks, cables, and pulleys for damage and replace them if needed.  Even if the other spring isn’t damaged, buy two new springs of identical size that mount the same way. Though the other spring isn’t showing signs of damage, common sense should tell you the other spring may malfunction at any time. However, don’t take it off until the broken spring has been replaced. Install the New Spring Install the new spring using the spring still connected as a guide. New springs should not extend more than one inch when the garage door opens. Reconnect the cable and disconnect the other spring for replacement. After replacing both springs, remove door supports and close the door. Reconnect the garage door opener and test the door to see if everything works correctly. Lubricate the door rollers and stationary pulley before you test the door to keep them running smoothly. You should be able to fix garage door extension spring yourself. Keep in mind that repairing garage door springs can be a dangerous job so you must exercise safety at all times. If your repairs failed or you would rather not take a chance with your skills, you may need a garage door repair service to fix the...

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Wise Car-Owner: Is The Problem Your IAC Valve? Fix It Yourself

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The IAC valve or the idle air control valve is an important part of your vehicle, and it is easy to replace. This little compartment regulates the amount of air that goes into your engine while it’s idling. The following guide will show you a few signs that your valve has gone bad and how to replace it. Symptoms Of A Bad IAC Valve Look out for the following signs of a bad idle air control valve: The IAC valve is meant to take care of the air going into your engine for proper fuel combustion. But, this function is severely affected when it goes bad. You may notice that your engine shuts off or stalls when you turn on your AC while idling. Turning your AC on has a small effect on your idle speed, which could stress it and force your car to stall. A bad valve may cause rough idling or just low idling, which is usually under 800 rpm’s. Yes, your engine light might also come on. Have your auto care specialist read your engine light to find out what the problem is. A clogged or faulty valve might make it harder for your car to idle correctly, which could translate to jerky deceleration when your car returns to idle speed. Or you might also feel a slight hesitation when accelerating from idle speed. The improper air mixture within your engine could cause a backfire in your tailpipe because of the excess gasoline. Remember that some of these symptoms could also be related to other issues. So, talk to your auto care specialist to confirm your suspicions. Replacing Your Own IAC Valve You will need the following: Your owner’s manual A new IAC valve for your vehicle from your local auto parts store Safety glasses and gloves Socket set and wrench Steps: Park your vehicle in a location that is safe to work in. Make sure you let it sit long enough to let the engine cool to work on your car easily. Open up your hood, and locate your IAC valve. It is usually by the throttle body, and it looks like a tube with two small wings on the edge. You can use your owner’s manual to find it, too. Put on your glasses and safety gloves. Remove the negative or red cable from your car battery, for your protection. Use your socket wrench to remove the two bolts holding the IAC valve in place. Replace it with your new IAC valve, and bolt it in place. Reconnect your battery, and you are done. Hopefully this fixed your issue, and you’ve saved some money doing it on your own. For more information on auto parts, contact Yearwood Performance...

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4 Ways To Save Money On Pick-Up Truck Equipment

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If you are a pick-up truck owner, you are probably always looking for ways to get more out of our vehicle. You might be looking to install a toolbox, for example, or you might want a towing bar so that you can tow things with your vehicle. Regardless, you might have noticed that truck equipment can be expensive, and you could be wondering how you can cut costs. Luckily, following these tips can help you save. 1. Buy from Other Truck Owners Check out the online classifieds and local classifieds in your area. There are always people looking to sell toolboxes and other truck equipment, and they often sell these items for cheap. If you can’t find any parts near you, you can always join online communities for truck owners and can use online auction sites to find these parts. Just make sure that you factor in the shipping charges when determining if you’re getting a good deal so you won’t have to pay more than you expected to. 2. Look for Aftermarket Products Don’t assume that you need to buy these items from the name brands in question. In many cases, you can save money by purchasing aftermarket parts from no-name companies, and many of the products offer the same quality. 3. Install Them Yourself You don’t have to hire a professional to install a towing bar or a tool box on your pick-up truck. If you aren’t sure how to do it yourself, read the owner’s manual, or watch an online tutorial video. If you learn how to install these things on your own, you can save yourself quite a bit of money on labor charges. Plus, it can be rewarding to know how to work on your own truck. 4. Check the Junkyards Junkyards aren’t just a good place to get mirrors and doors for your truck. Many people leave their toolboxes, exhaust and other added parts on their trucks when they are towed away. Many junkyards will give you a great deal on these parts, especially if you take them off yourself, and you may be able to find everything in one place. As you can see, there are a couple of different ways that you can save money on accessories for your pick-up truck. If you follow these tips, you should have the parts that you need in no time, and you’ll probably spend way less on them than you think. Talk to a company like Hawaii Spring Supply Inc to learn about more great ways to find truck...

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Suffering From A Graduation Gift Dilemma? Solve It At Your Local Auto Parts Store!

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No matter what retailers would like you to believe, finding the perfect gift for friends and relatives who are graduating from high school is not always fun and exciting. Purchasing trendy items like clothing and music can be very risky, unless you know the recipient well enough to know their sizes and personal tastes. Traditional gifts, like a pen and pencil set are apt to met with a polite “thank you” and quickly forgotten, and few graduating seniors are still interested in wearing a wrist watch. If you are frantically searching for a unique gift that your graduating friend or relative will both use and enjoy, maybe it is time to change up your shopping routine and take a trip to your local auto parts store, instead of the mall.  Gift Thoughtfully  Many graduating seniors will have little extra money to spend on items that will make their car safer, more attractive or more comfortable. Help your graduating senior out by putting together a gift basket containing a few of the following items to show them how much you care.  A high-quality flashlight that will fit neatly into the console or under the seat A magnetic key safe to help them avoid accidental lockouts A GPS system, if the car is older and is not already equipped with one A compact tool kit, complete with a few basic tools, a roll of both electrical and duct tape, replacement fuses, an extra set of windshield wipers and some extra bulbs for the lights  A safety kit for traveling in bad weather, complete with a folding shovel, a container of sand for traction, road flares, some packets of hand warmers, warm gloves and a thermal blanket to keep warm until help arrives A personal safety kit, complete with an emergency survival horn, pepper spray, a first aid kit and a supply of energy bars and emergency drinking water  Include a Gift for Fun In addition to the many practical gifts that can be found at most auto parts stores, consider including something fun that they will enjoy each and every time they drive. Some ideas include a special key chain, a decorative visor or seat covers and brightly colored floor mats. Add even more fun with some humorous decals, bumper stickers and antenna covers.  Some auto parts stores also offer pre-paid store cards that you can include in their gift to help them pay for a car battery or supplies, when needed. For more information, contact Lindale Auto Parts or a similar...

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