Tips For What To Do When Your Car's Transmission Needs To Be Replaced

Posted on: 26 May 2016


When your car's transmission is no longer functioning, you may be frantic about what to do about it. Replacing a transmission is a major undertaking and it can be expensive as well. Check out these tips for what you can do about your car and its malfunctioning, broken transmission.

Consider The Value Of Your Vehicle

If your car is older, the cost of having a new or used transmission put in it could be wasteful. For example, if your car is over twenty years old, the cost of transmission replacement could be more than what your car is worth. In this case, buying another vehicle may be the more affordable option. If your car is older and needs a new transmission, you might consider having it junked and taking the money you get for it at the junkyard to use as a down payment on another car.

If you wonder about just trading in your car, you can do so at some car lots that also have repair shops on-site. Many dealers will buy cars with major repair needs, fix them cheaply and resell them for making a profit. If you are considering just trading in your vehicle, be sure to locate dealers that are equipped to make transmission repairs. Taking the time to call around first is important to save time and money out driving around and looking for the dealer best for your needs.

When Your Vehicle Is Worth Repairing

When you have a transmission issue in a car that is not tool old and is worth fixing, you may wonder where the best place to get one would be. Many drivers opt to buy a used transmission, but wonder about things like warranties. On some used, refurbished transmissions, the seller offers up to a ninety day warranty. You can get a used transmission for $800 to $1500 while one that is refurbished could cost you up to $2500. Bear in mind that the labor costs for putting in your car's transmission can be up to around $850. you can find a used transmission at junkyards, but you may have to pay a fee for having it removed out of an old car. The benefit of choosing a refurbished transmission is it is out of a vehicle and ready to be put in.   

Making the right choices about your car and its needs for transmission repair can be frustrating when you are unsure what steps to take first. Learning more about your options for transmission repair (from professionals such as AAA Engines and Transmissions) can be the easiest way to get back on the road fast.