Suffering From A Graduation Gift Dilemma? Solve It At Your Local Auto Parts Store!

Posted on: 31 March 2015


No matter what retailers would like you to believe, finding the perfect gift for friends and relatives who are graduating from high school is not always fun and exciting. Purchasing trendy items like clothing and music can be very risky, unless you know the recipient well enough to know their sizes and personal tastes. Traditional gifts, like a pen and pencil set are apt to met with a polite "thank you" and quickly forgotten, and few graduating seniors are still interested in wearing a wrist watch. If you are frantically searching for a unique gift that your graduating friend or relative will both use and enjoy, maybe it is time to change up your shopping routine and take a trip to your local auto parts store, instead of the mall. 

Gift Thoughtfully 

Many graduating seniors will have little extra money to spend on items that will make their car safer, more attractive or more comfortable. Help your graduating senior out by putting together a gift basket containing a few of the following items to show them how much you care. 

  • A high-quality flashlight that will fit neatly into the console or under the seat
  • A magnetic key safe to help them avoid accidental lockouts
  • A GPS system, if the car is older and is not already equipped with one
  • A compact tool kit, complete with a few basic tools, a roll of both electrical and duct tape, replacement fuses, an extra set of windshield wipers and some extra bulbs for the lights 
  • A safety kit for traveling in bad weather, complete with a folding shovel, a container of sand for traction, road flares, some packets of hand warmers, warm gloves and a thermal blanket to keep warm until help arrives
  • A personal safety kit, complete with an emergency survival horn, pepper spray, a first aid kit and a supply of energy bars and emergency drinking water 

Include a Gift for Fun

In addition to the many practical gifts that can be found at most auto parts stores, consider including something fun that they will enjoy each and every time they drive. Some ideas include a special key chain, a decorative visor or seat covers and brightly colored floor mats. Add even more fun with some humorous decals, bumper stickers and antenna covers. 

Some auto parts stores also offer pre-paid store cards that you can include in their gift to help them pay for a car battery or supplies, when needed. For more information, contact Lindale Auto Parts or a similar company.